Business Intelligence

Need Tough Quality Control for your Web Applications?
Yeah. We Do that.
What is the new and improved BI?

It’s all about the data, and in this day and age there has never been more of it.

New and improved BI is putting that data to work for your business, whether you are looking for more effective marketing or you’re wondering if the coffee market in Hong Kong is going to affect your Styrofoam sales in Arkansas!

It means a Big ROI. It means Big Insights. At Media Glint it means giving our clients the ability to look at their business in a new way, finding deeper insights and uncapping hidden indirect relationships you never knew were there.

Whether you are looking to solve a complex problem or looking to make better marketing decisions, Big Data gives you the tools that put you in control.

Traditional BI

How’s that working out for you?

Everyone that is trying to get ahead has run reports, compared prices and looked at the shoulder times. This has become common practice and yields some results. With traditional BI you can only get so far, these are all direct and internal correlations. How you use these results is just as mundane, the days of being ahead of the curve in social and web marketing aren’t relevant offers anymore. Quite frankly, after a while they become quite predictable.