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Big Data

It's all about the data, and in this day and age there has never been more of it. What's that mean to you? It means Big ROI. It means Big insights. At Media Glint it means giving our clients the ability to look at their business in a new way; finding deeper insights and uncapping hidden indirect relationships you never knew were there.

Whether you are looking to solve a complex problem or are looking to make better marketing decisions, Big data gives you the tools that put you in control.


80% of retailers
say they've heard of "big data",
only 47% say they understand how
to apply it to their business


Bad data or poor data quality
costs US businesses
$600 billion annually

experts in
the areas of

  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Hard Sciences
  • Finance

Testing Services

Testing can't be over looked. With the primary reason being happy customers, which leads to more predictable revenues, because releasing an average platform is not an option. We get it; development is not cheap, not to mention the possible limitations of your in-house team. With Media Glint, companies of all types can are able to maintain their pace of innovation while we take care of the testing, ensuring a top quality product is released on time. Because we are Agile based, we are able to provide QA solutions for companies regardless of where they are in SDLC.

You can't test if you don't have a product to test.

Iterative testing isn't limited to testing code.

We don't have enough resources or time to fully test the product.

You don't need to fully test the product - you need to test the product sufficiently to reduce the risk that a customer will be negatively affected.

experts in
the areas of

  • Financial Services
  • eCommerce
  • Software as a Service

Mobile Development

Mobile applications are changing the way everyone does business, from increasing productivity internally, to driving efficiency in responding to customers. Mobile applications are more and more becoming a must have. More importantly they are ROI driven.

At Media Glint we understand business. We understand that you need the technologies and applications that allow you to give your customers the experience they demand. It's this understanding that has made Media Glint a trusted technology partner in industries from healthcare and Payments Services to Startups that are looking to set themselves apart.

 of affluent app users say
 they view brands with
mobile apps more favorably

 of mobile shoppers have
a retail app

experts in
the areas of

  • Healthcare
  • Payment Services
  • Gaming
  • E-learning
  • Startups

Product Development

We have a deep understanding of the problems businesses face every day and have been addressing them at a custom development level since 2007. Product Development requires exceptional processes and personnel. We have developed our proprietary Agile Infrastructure Management™ model to address product development that includes a full-service solution for creating exceptional product solutions. We understand the critical nature of product development using continuous integration during the design, development, and testing stages. Our team offers continuing support and configuration management to provide long-term solutions that are reliable and secure.

 of developers are
deploying some apps to the cloud;
1 in 10 developers expect 100
percent of their apps to be

 of developers at large
companies have automated their
development process.

experts in
the areas of

  • Healthcare
  • Payment Services
  • Gaming
  • E-learning