Need Outstanding Testing for your Web Applications?
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Imagine Success

Everyone knows speed to market is key. With the blinding pace that software moves from innovation to product and back again, especially in e-commerce, testing has never been more vital. More importantly, who does the testing is, in many cases, what sets companies off on the right foot. Due to the feverish pace of getting the product out, new companies don’t always test their applications correctly before launching. With Media Glint, eCommerce companies can count on a quality product being delivered on time… every time.

Which Tests For Your Product?

At Media Glint, we perform the tests most crucial for eCommerce sites. First and foremost, Security. Media glint has provided Security testing for many Fortune 500 companies where Security is paramount. Let that experience work for you and ensure a positive experience for your users. Follow that up with a helping of good, old fashioned Load and Performance testing. And, in case you plan on taking over the world we’ll follow that up with a dash of Compatibility/Localization testing.