Financial Services

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Financial Services

At Media Glint, we understand the nature of your business better than most. We understand that you
need to have custom solutions, maintain large technology teams and infrastructure, and need all of it to work seamlessly all the time. We have built our business on this understanding. We also understand that while technology and it’s advancement is important to you, being in the business of money, return is the only yardstick by which you are gauged. Our Financial Services Testing practice ensures that a return based approach is ingrained into your testing processes.

There are two types of services in this world…

While most of the information technology world tends to combine Banking & Financial Services into one, at Media Glint we understand the need to approach the two separately. A rapid wave of consolidation and increased regulatory compliance is driving the strategy of most financial services companies. In this new world order, the focus on risk management and the ability to provide customers with value added services has increased exponentially.