Our Verticals are your Horizons!
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We just happen to be good at both!

EMR/EHR platforms and patient portals are often considered to be pricey, over complicated, and flat out hard to use. We couldn’t disagree more; see what we’ve done to change the perceptions in the healthcare community when it comes to custom solutions.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Media Glint prides itself on exceeding our customers expectations when it comes to custom development. We have extensive experience in medical records systems, in the Healthcare vertical there is a massive push to go digital. With clients ranging from smaller private specialty practices to mid-size traditional providers, we have designed EMR/EHR platforms specific to those individual practices. In listening to our clients we have been able to identify the problems users are having with systems in circulation now, delivering platforms focused on ease of use, efficiency and system integrations while maintaining the specific needs of a high quality EMR/EHR platform.

Patient Portals

Media Glint has developed patient portals for clients ranging from specialty offices to mid-size practices. With a focus on delivering the advantages of allowing patients to submit simple emails with questions allowing for a more efficient interaction while maintaining a personal touch for practices, to providing a simple way to transmit preventative care information. Making requests for prescriptions to more efficient ways to collect revenues are just a few of the ways we help our clients provide a better, more consistent and user friendly web experience for patients and their providers.